This is the full statement to the vacation company of what happened... I have never been so upset with a company in my life. They didn't even try to make it right. On october 15th at 8am we flew out of regina Saskatchewan to Calgary, to catch our connecting flight to peurto vallarta Mexico where we were staying at the crown paradise golden hotel. We arrived at 430pm and were finally settled at 630-7pm and started our 6 day long vacation. At around 1am that morning my girlfriend and I were tired and decided to head back up to our room for the night, I noticed 3 men ( 1 I saw earlier that worked at the hotel) following us, but i thought nothing of it. They followed us all the way to our room and when i opened my door they walked right in behind us pushing themselves in. I was sat on the bed well 2 of the men stood at the door well the other took my credit card and wallet and also our room key because he said "we will be back" the other man said "just relax" they were grabbing my girlfriends arm. I offered all the money I had in my pockets plus told then I can take out what they want if they just left and let my girlfriend go, his words were " it's not about the money we are here to take you" the 2 men stepped into the room and walked to the fridge and the back of the room leaving the door unblocked and open, at that time I yelled at my girlfriend to "RUN" she ran down the hall way to the stairs (8 stories) and fell half way down, and proceeded to run to the front desk and hide behind the desk. I was still in the room when 2 of the men went after my girlfriend and 1 stayed with me. He kept saying we had to go find my girlfriend because there is a car out front that they need to put her in and he said they were going to take me to the beach located at the back of the resort. Security finally arrived and the guards exchanged words in Spanish with the man in the room as I pleaded for them to help. They finished their conversation waved at the man and walked away back downstairs. When the guards were out of sight 1 of the 2 men that left for my girlfriend came back up and they said "it will be alot easier if we do this on the balcony... come stand next to me" he said and kept pointing right beside him well he leaned against the railing. He made a step forward toward me and at that point 1 guard walked around the corner and said "you...come with me" as he let the 2 men stay up at my room with all of our luggage and belongings. He took me to the lobby where my girlfriend is crying and scared for her life and 5 security guards all relaxed and leaned against the lobby desk. As I am trying to explain what is going on to the manager. The 1 man that was still persuing my girlfriend walked right through the lobby towards the elevator. I was yelling "that's 1 of them right there!" My girlfriend also identifying him. The manager and 1 security guard looked at me and said "Stop, dont worry about it" and told the man to proceed upstairs. At this point I did not have my phone but luckily just before my girlfriend ran out of the room she grabbed her cellphone off the bed. We called everyone we knew because they would not let us use their phone and would not call police for us. The young girl behind the front desk was so scared she grabbed the phone and called the cops quickly. 4 police offers arrived and the manager told us to not speak and sit there well he talked to the cops (in spanish) where they laughed and proceeded to give each other pat on the back and a high five. The cops escorted us back up to the room where there was noone to be found in our room (but noone came down the elevator or through the lobby) so they must have been somewhere still on the resort. The police gave us 5 minutes to get our stuff and 1 police officer took 200 peso that was on the bed and put it in his pocket, we went back downstairs and the manager cut our wristbands off of us. And said we must go, Or the only other option stay in the room (1 of the men had our key cards) at this point we were sick to our stomachs and our nerves were shot and we just wanted to leave. We asked the police to please drive us to the airport and the only way they would is I had to give the one officer 1000 pesos. We got to the airport to fly out as soon as possible but there were no flights until late that night. We took another cab to the holiday inn Express where we used our last 1400 pesos to get a room to collect ourselves well we waited for our flight home. We arrived back in canada Oct 17 at 1230AM. The hotel said they will do nothing for us. I am looking to be reimbursed the money for the trip and anything else you can do as me and my girl friend have not been able to even leave our house from being traumatized and anxiety ridden and psychological scarring. I have reached out to multiple media outlets to get my story out to warn others about this hotel and vacation package, also will have medical documents from my girlfriend as they severely bruised her arm grabbing her. I hope to be hearing from you shortly, thank you.