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July 2019 Digest

Foul smelling seaweed, new travel advisory in the UK after “worst year on record” for Mexican murders, and reports of an all time high of 94 murders per day. Plus other stories from July.


Family of Mustang scuba diver missing in Mexico falls victim to scammers

Koco News 5


Foul-smelling algae has overtaken Mexican beaches. Experts believe climate change could make things worse and threaten the country's tourism industry



Rotten, Smelly Algae Plagues Some Mexican Beaches

Wall Street Journal


Cancun taxi drivers to trial for tourists kidnapping

The Yucatan Times


Mexico had the most murders on record for the first half of the year

Washington Examiner


Two tourists kidnapped in Cancun’s hotel zone… One has been found

The Yucatan Times


Cancun Is Currently Under Siege By A Stinky Seaweed



The sargassum keeps on coming: 1,000 tonnes are being collected daily

Mexico News Daily


Caribbean country declares sargassum a national emergency

The Yucatan Times


State Department report on allegedly tainted alcohol in Mexico

The Yucatan Times

Mexico is at the center of travel warnings due to increasing violence levels under AMLO

The Yucatan Times


Mexico murder bloodbath spirals out of control reaching all-time high with 94 killings every DAY

The Sun


‘There’s never going to be closure’: Chicago family recalls young woman killed while on Mexico City trip one year ago

The Chicago Tribune


Mexico holidays: Britons issued warning after ‘worst year on record’ for Mexican murders

Express UK


State Dept. report on allegedly tainted alcohol in Mexico highlights red tape tourists face in emergencies

The Washington Post

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An Eventful Spring in Mexico

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What Happened in February

Is new law enforcement presence at popular tourist destinations enough to curb violence? Plus, updated travel advisories for Mexico as Spring Break looms. And more. Read the latest from last month.

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