We were just in Mexico, on July 7th. We stayed at the Royal Play Del Carmen. I went to the swim up bar and retrieved a drink for myself and one for my wife. The last thing I remember was taking a sip of my drink. I then woke up with an I.V. in my arm with no ideal of what had happened to me. Thank god the other couple with us was in the medical field. I was drugged, and embarrassed once told how out of it I was. We had been to Mexico before and never had any issues, but this time was different. Many of these stories begin with meeting someone from another State or Country. Well mine is no different I met a man and women who stated they were from Australia. whats weird now that I attempt to rack my brain for other possible clues how this happened to me. I realized neither one of them spoke with an Australian accent either. That's really all I actually remember.