I too was found dead in Cancun Mexico at the bottom of a pool March 21, 2015. It was my first full day at the 5 star resort and as a tequila drinker for 30 plus years I had just downed a shot of tequila prior to drowning.. I was shocked and very sadden to read about the loss of life! Perhaps this sheds light on my death experience and could explain what happened to my 2 brothers as well who were vacationing with me at the time. I was told back in Canada I must of had a sudden heart attack and without warning or pain I was killed instantly while swimming. Strange this that I'm a very strong swimmer, a power swimmer so much so when after death I met the 2 American paramedics who arrived on the scene that brought life back to this body, they had told me earlier that day they were joking calling me aqua-man. Strange too is both my 2 brothers have always claimed they were drugged !! They were playing a sport on the lawn and became suddenly ill, stoned and had to go to their rooms. They were incapacitated and at the time thought was perhaps somehow fertilizer used on the lawn got into their system. I'm a strong guy and literally checked out of the hospital intensive care unit about 16 hours after I had drowned dead for excessive of 5 minutes. That alone was a $14k invoice. It took me 2 months to recover and get my balance back. I'm still dealing with the effects today. Warm regards