I wanted to add to the horror stories about the Mexican Police. My brother-in-law was held for ransom at Cancun after he flew in on his company jet for their annual corporate meetings. This was the 10th year, and their crooked police found 1 SPENT shotgun shell in his golf bag that his 20 yr old son had thrown in. They immediately took him to jail. Fortunately, or unfortunately my BIL was the CEO of the oil company and was able pay-bribe- the police to get a private cell. And he had to arrange to pay for a security guard. They held him for this minor offense, until he paid $35K in ransom! My hair dresser and her husband rented a car in Cabo San Lucas and was stopped by the police for running a stop sign. They were on a highway. At gun point, the officer told them they could pay the ticket of $200, or go to jail. They paid the extortionist and returned the rental right then.