My fiancee died September 17, 2015 under care of Riu Santa Fe, Cabo San Lucas doctor. He suffered shortness of breath due to sleep apnea. Dr. assumed it was heart attack, no oxygen mask was given, only CPR, paddles, then injected epinephrine into his thigh, 15 seconds later after injection my fiancee pulse stopped. Doctor refused to continue to resuscitate. On the medical report Doctor said my fiancee died of asphyxia followed by heart attack and that he had no pulse when he arrived to hotel room. He 100% lied !!! Autopsy Dr. told me his lung collapsed over his heart, caused asphyxia?? My loved one died on our engagement vacation, my soul mate. My best friend of 27 years. Nineteen months later, I have nightmares of that day he died and seen him cut up like a rag doll sewn bank together, then cremated, requested by his family from Poland. We are both Canadian citizens, of Ontario. I wish I could attach photo, but site does not have option. One day, we have so much fun, 10 hrs later, Tragedy, grieving. Please post to this website.